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About Us

We Help Our Customers To Fulfill Their Needs

Lekshmi Financiers, a private bank specialising in Gold Loans, was established in 1992 with a noble objective of providing aid to those in need. Over the course of nearly three decades of industry expertise, our constant commitment to client satisfaction has served as our motivation, gaining us the respect and confidence of the public. We put your comfort first and make sure you get the best price for your gold assets with the help of our skilled and committed personnel.

Put your faith in us, and we'll provide you with the best services

  • No hidden or processing charge
  • Dedicated team
  • Lower interest rate
  • Instant approval of loan
  • Maximum value for gold
  • Part Payment options are also available.
  • Interest are charged on exact no of days for which the loan is taken

No Hidden / Processing Charge

There is no hidden charges or processing fee.

Maximum Value for Gold

We make sure you get the maximum value for the gold.

Low Interest Rate

We provide you the best lowest interest rate.


Satisfied Customers


Years of Experience